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Heading into the studio may be your dream but if you are not prepared to work hard and focus on your talents then studio time will mean nothing. Here at JT Productions – Records, LLC, we have seen a lot of promising young artists but no matter who you are or what kind of music you play you must be willing to work hard. At our studio, we offer a place for artists of all ages to hone their craft. We foster an environment free of distraction where an artist can truly be an artist.
We are all about the music here at JT Productions – Records, LLC so if you are serious about making tunes that will stand the test of time, you need to work with us. We have become a staple in Memphis, TN and the entire South because we have already turned out hits from our founder JT “Ba’bro” Johnson and other notable musicians. We are staffed by an experienced crew that really know their stuff and who have been involved with creating and recording music for their entire lives so you are in good hands with us.
Your music is our business here at JT Productions – Records, LLC so get in touch with us right away!

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