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Here at JT Productions – Records, LLC, we are very proud to be running a recording studio in Memphis, TN. Memphis is a legendary city when it comes to music and we are seeking to honor that legacy and revive the music scene in Memphis, TN by offering true artists with a passion for music a place to work and thrive. We work with many R&B, Hip Hop and jazz musicians and groups. The most promising singers and musicians come to record here at JT Productions – Records, LLC.
We are focused on maintaining a modern recording studio that is able to produce a wide array of sounds. Whether you are going for a stripped-down minimalist sound or a rich and layered tone, we have the experienced, professional crew to assist you. Take a look at some of the aspects of our studio:

  • Reliable Equipment and Gear—Our studio is filled with real musicians who know quality gear and equipment. From state of the art mixing boards to high-end guitars and amps, we have you covered.
  • Personal Recording Studio—When you work with us here at JT Productions – Records, LLC you get a personalized experience tailored to your style and your genre of music.
  • New Artists—We know the scene here in Memphis, TN and we work with some of the brightest and most promising new artists in the South.
If you have a burning desire to record music and have your voice heard the world over we can help you realize your ambitions here at JT Productions – Records, LLC. We are sure you have already heard about our recording studio in Memphis, TN but if you don’t know, get in the know. Contact us soon!

Music is our passion and we know how to create hits.

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